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A Movement to Help Orphan and Poor Girls for Higher Education & Employment

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The reason for this concept is the alarming global as well as Indian scenario of imbalance in sex ratio of boys & girls i.e., for every 1000 boys around 850 girls are only available whereas healthy ratio is, for every 1000 boys 1050 girls should be there based on longevity. Hence to create an awareness among the poor, especially the families of poor orphan girl children, a scheme is introduced to encourage them that there are good souls in India and abroad especially in the U.S.A. to care for these unfortunate children by way of giving them higher education, technical training and employment so that they can stand on their own legs for a livelihood & their generation will be hopeful to value their girl children as a boon to the family.

News & Events

The Former President not only participated in the formal launch of the movement on Saturday but offered a financial assitance of Rs 1 lakh to the cause of girls’education.

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